We are the driving force and catalyst for innovation through interdisciplinary teams by helping companies discover, channel, evaluate and tap into their innovation potential. We are not only concerned with the process of “discovery”, we are also part of the execution.



Legal Due Diligence

Legally secure framework conditions are an absolute prerequisite for the creation of actual values. Together with our partners from legal professions, we provide assistance and orientation in the course of developing and reviewing business models.



Technical Due Diligence

A solution consists of a concept and its technical implementation and operation. To avoid risks and to determine the correct investment and operating cost framework, it is essential to determine the status quo.


Financing and Partnering

Innovations provide companies with improved products, better processes, better market positioning and thus higher added value. They are investments for the future. However, many innovations have the potential to be placed elsewhere and can also be used meaningfully outside the immediate environment of the company. This requires external partners and investors.