With Wegesrand Medienbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, we have created a group of shareholdings. They cover different trades within the digital media production. Wegesrand is a strategic investor in the segments Serious Games, Gamification, Games and IP-Development in order to turn ideas into reality in close cooperation.

IndieAdvisor & Company & Co. KG
The expert network IndieAdvisor & Company & Co. KG supports young and viable studios with know-how and network in terms of financing, marketing, professionalization and visibility. IndieAdvisor & Company also represents the Global Accelerator Global Top Round (GTR) in Europe, which has now invested in more than 30 studios worldwide.

IJsfontein Interactive Media: Follow your curiosity. Dare to experiment. Failure is one of them. Have confidence that the challenges you face fit your competencies. You are on a mission in which you – alone or together with others – get into a flow. Discover, play, learn.
IJsfontein develops playful (digital) learning with the conviction that people are naturally curious and feel an inner urge to develop themselves further. Examples include serious games or gamification concepts such as staff training, interactive experiences in a museum or a digital platform for primary school teaching.

Unger & Fiedler: We develop cross-media concepts. It is not about the individual story, but about feeling, seeing and hearing. We deliver the look and feel and corporate design of stories. Thinking in media genres unnecessarily restricts the creative process. That is why we start with a vision. The media derivatives are then the next step. Unger & Fiedler is a design agency for storytelling.

Target Games: Founded by industry veterans André Bernhardt and Thorsten Unger, Target Games helps to develop projects and support promising, groundbreaking concepts and companies with a network of experts and partners. In this way, we create sustainable and forward-looking content and rights for ourselves and our partners. Together with international associates, we develop and operate the mobile games accelerator Global Top Round and are responsible for its European activities.